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Land Scaping Glendale HomeDo you love to show off your style in everything you do but, most importantly, in your home or commercial property? What does your current landscape say about your style? Is it a reflection of everything you represent? No? Do not fret! 

We are here to deliver marvelous landscaping ideas for the front yard as well as the backyard. If you feel like you need a change in your current landscape, look no further than here. 

We will walk with you from the planning phase to implementation and post landscaping. Our planning stage usually takes into account factors such as the intended use and the final product. For instance:

  • Do you hope to entertain guests, or are you looking for a place of solitude? 
  • Are there security concerns issues in your neighborhood? 
  • What hardscaping or water features are in your plan? 
  • Do you have any color combinations in mind? 

We consider these factors and many more to ensure the delivery of the best landscaping ideas for the backyard and the front yard of property owners. Our objective is to deliver awe-striking front and backyard designs to all our clients.In as much as we offer suggestions, your needs and preferences will always carry the day. Get in touch with us today to get a feel of our fantastic landscape services.  

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Our Landscaping Company

AA Glendale Landscapers is the leading provider of landscaping services in Glendale, CA. For many years, we have worked with Glendale, CA property owners to accomplish well-designed, thought-out, and correctly implemented landscapes. Among the things that set us apart is our dedication to quality and making the service as affordable as possible. We offer world-class customer service that entails, among other things, treating everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism. Do you have an upcoming landscaping project? We will be glad to walk this fantastic journey with you! 

Our Landscaping Services

We offer a wide array of landscaping services in Glendale, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our services are affordable, and we always go out of our way to ensure timely delivery without compromising quality. Our service goes beyond the creation and preservation of residential lawns to include commercial grounds. 

Our lawn services are aimed at keeping your yards groomed. We also offer gardening services that include planting trees, shrubs, and flowers. If you desire a flowerbed or garden capable of increasing your home’s value, you can count on our extensive experience in achieving the same. 

Our gardeners have valuable knowledge of the flowers and plants that thrive in Glendale, CA. It is one of the reasons we are the landscaper of choice for a good number of Glendale residents and commercial property owners. We have separated our landscaping services in the following categories: 

Landscape design services in Glendel
Nice Landscape Lightning Can Make Your Lawn beautiful

Landscape Design Services

There is nothing that makes a landscaping project highly successful as beginning the process with a professionally developed landscape design. An expertly created landscape design enables you to visualize the finished product of your new landscape. 

Part of the professionals in our team is a couple of certified landscape designers. We have architects who find pleasure in identifying new, different, and beautiful designs. Besides being friendly, they are easy to work with. As such, you will love working with them from the start to the end. 

Other benefits of hiring a landscape designer include efficient use of space, environmental preservation, and a possible balance of natural and artificial yard versatility and increased value for your property. And if you are focused on accomplishing a classy, yet low-maintenance look, no one is more suited to make it happen than our accomplished landscape designers. Call us today to help you get the ground hitting beautiful landscape design ideas.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting offers an array of benefits besides illumination of your outdoors. It serves other purposes, such as enhancing nighttime aesthetics and safety and other purposes such as allowing accessibility, recreation, sports, and other social events. 

Do you want your home or commercial property to look its best at night? The surest way to achieve perfection is to hire a landscape lighting professional. You don’t wake up one morning and become an expert in lighting the outdoors. It takes years of experience and specialized training to understand the science and art of lighting, and that’s what we have to offer. Get in touch with us today to get the wow factor as far as your garden lighting is concerned.

Hardscape Construction

Hardscaping entails the permanent and non-living elements of a landscape that involve the use of bricks, concrete, stones, and timber. At AA Glendale Landscapers, we have, over the years, helped property owners incorporate beautiful and useful hardscapes into their landscaping projects. 

We know how fulfilling it would be to roll-up your sleeves and personally put up a structure, say a walkway, patio, etc. At the same time, you lack the time, expertise as well as tools and materials. Leave it in the hands of experts. We are professional hardscapers for a reason. We have the knowledge and experience to design and create wondrous walkways and driveways, perfect patios, long-lasting and appealing retaining walls, and fascinating fire pits. We are experts in designing and creating pool decks, including masonry pool decks, water features such as pools and waterfalls, and steps. 

Each of our hardscaping is installed with attention to detail and craftsmanship. We deliver durable and beautiful additions to your outdoors. What are you waiting for? Contact our offices today to get your ideal outdoor space!

Nicely Hardscape is done by landscap glendale is done by pros
Landscape maintenece is s regular work to do to keep it clean and beautiful
Softscape Services in Glendale

Softscape Services

Softscaping touches on all the living elements in your landscape design. When it comes to Softscape in landscaping, owners of residential and commercial properties have endless options. It all boils down to what you’ve envisioned as far as your outdoor space’s final appearance is concerned. The beauty of softscaping is that it is not permanent. However, you need an excellent Softscape designer to help transform your home or commercial property using shrubs, vines, trees, vines, flowers, and plants.

We offer our clients a wide variety of softscape which include mulching, sod installation, bushes and trees, plants and flowers and much more. You can make changes whenever you want. You can confidently rely on our expertise and extensive experience for all your softscaping needs.Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to receive the best Softscape services at unmatchable prices.

Landscape Maintenance

Designing and executing the various landscape features on your home or commercial building is just the beginning. Now that you have your beautiful landscape with the hardscape, softscape, and lighting done to perfection, you need to think of how to maintain that beauty. What does this mean? It means that you must pay attention to proper and regular landscape maintenance. For this, you must hire a professional. One of the benefits of paying for landscape maintenance services is that you are guaranteed the survival and healthy growth of your plants, trees, and grass. 

Our landscape maintenance service is aimed at freeing you time that you would have spent maintaining your landscape, so that you can focus your energy on other important matters. Our service includes weed removal and control, pruning and trimming, fertilization, mowing, hydroseeding, and grass cutting, among several other things. 

We have flexible maintenance plans to allow personalization. We know that our customers have varying needs and hence, focus on customization to cater to each of your requirements. Do you have a landscape that requires maintenance? You can depend on our expertise for the best shrub care, lawn care, and so on. Call us today to get started on the restoration of the aesthetics of your residential or commercial landscape.

Irrigation and sprinkler systems

Professionally installed irrigation and sprinkler systems offer many benefits. It saves you time since you don’t have to water your lawn and the other plants in your landscape. The availability of controllable timers also helps property owners to save water. Irrigation and sprinkler systems also eliminate the issue of overwatering that may lead to soil erosion. Finally, with the installation of sprinkler systems, you won’t have to worry about weed growth and diseases as our system minimizes them considerably. 

Your lawn and other plants in the landscape require sufficient hydration to always look its best. As the leading landscape contractors, we give you an optimal irrigation and sprinkler system. You will never see dry spots on your lawn. Beyond the installation of the system, we educate you on how to operate it confidently. We have the experience and know-how to install and manage all types of irrigation systems. Speak to us today to see how best we can intervene to ensure that you don’t deal with overwatering and unbearable water bills.

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Does your landscape require maintenance? Or do you want to make minor or significant changes in your landscape? Whatever it is you are looking at, we can help you achieve the landscape of your dream!

We value creativity and innovation. Every home or commercial building is unique, which means that the landscaping needs will be different. We pride ourselves in having innovative and creative teams that go the extra mile to ensure that a client is amazed. We are passionate about beautiful landscapes where people cannot help but get wowed when they lay their eyes. This passion is the leading reason for the formation of this business. 

Let’s turn that yard into what you’ve always imagined and more!