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landscaping services provided by prosWe are the leading providers of landscaping services in Glendale, CA, and the surrounding areas. For many years, we have worked with owners of residential and commercial properties to design and create fantastic landscapes in their front and backyard. If you want to get things right the first time, look no further than here. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, skills, and in-depth knowledge of everything that has to do with commercial and residential landscaping. All our landscaping specialists are friendly and extremely easy to work with. 

Here is a glimpse into some of the landscaping services that our company offers. 

Landscape design

We will give you professionally-generated landscape design. You can depend on our certified landscape designers to deliver a landscape design that allows you to visualize the end product way before working on your yard. Some of the advantages of involving an expert landscape designer include room for environmental preservation, efficient use of space, yard versatility, and balance of artificial and natural aspects and raised property value. Our accomplished designers will help you realize the landscape you’ve always envisioned. 

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Landscape lighting 

Landscape lighting goes beyond outdoor illumination. It improves nighttime aesthetics, safety, as well as accessibility. Talk to us today if you desire a property that looks it best every night. We have a couple of landscape lighting professionals who will help you achieve a magical outdoor look. We fully understand the art and science and landscape lighting. We cannot wait to transfer this knowledge and skills to our commercial and residential clients. 

Hardscape services 

We use concrete, bricks, stones, and timber to bring the best out of your front yard or back yard. Whatever structures you wish to put up on your yard, including patios, beautiful retaining walls, driveways, inspiring fire pits, and walkways, we are here to make it happen. Other types of structures that we have delivered to our past clients include pool decks, steps, and waterfalls. 

Softscape services 

Property owners have countless options when it comes to softscaping. Some of the activities that go into softscaping include sod installation, mulching, plants,  flowers, and bushes, and trees. Our experts will help you come up with an amazing combination of vines, flowers, shrubs, and plants. 

Landscape maintenance 

The last thing a property owner should have to contend with is an unkempt or neglected landscape after getting everything right. The same goes for skills and experience. We are here to ensure survival and the healthy growth of all the living elements in your front or back yard. 

Irrigation and sprinkler systems 

Irrigation and sprinkler systems have controllable timers that save you time and water. They also eliminate potential overwatering that could cause soil erosion. Further, we utilize the system to minimize diseases and the growth of weed considerably. 

Would you want to hear more about these services? Give us a call today, and we will answer all the questions you may have.